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There is currently an issue with mail delivery to Google Mail ISP. Until this problem is solved, worker and block notifications are temporary disabled. Reason for this was a too high mail volume, sending from one of our servers to the Google ISP.
Added stratum server
posted 02/01/2016 01:53:29

We have added a stratum server for people in the US.

If you are living in the us or canada you should use the stratum server
For people in germany, russia, sweden and eu, you should better use our stratum server.

Thank you!
posted 07/24/2015 19:45:41

Thanks to everyone who is using our pool. You all help to protect the magi network. Please be patient, it may take some hours to find a block. But every share is safe and our payout process is currently running every 2 minutes :-)

Have a nice weekend!

Official member of the 2nd Proof of Mining Campaign
posted 07/04/2015 20:01:23

Today we are happy to announce, we are official member of the 2nd Proof of Mining Campaign!

We are part of this campaign to make mining possible for people they don't have a large anmount of hardware ressources. The PoM campaign is trying to protect the network and to ensure a fair coin distribution.

The Max Hashrate per User is 250KH/s

Thanks to 111magic of to make this possible!

Welcome to!
posted 06/30/2015 18:53:27

Welcome to our XMG Mining Pool

How to start?

1. Register here
2. Click on My Account -> My Worker -> Create a Worker
3. Download your favorite mining software like Sweetspot
4. Type in our pool address: and your worker
5. Click on "Start Miner"


+ low fees (1%)
+ fast payouts
+ fast servers